Historical Background

On May 10th, 1939, community leaders of Confluence were approached by a member of the Somerset Lions Club who asked them to organize their own Lions Club.† Based on that request, the Confluence Lions Club was organized on May 29th, 1939 by Larry Slater and the charter members.† Meetings were held every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 6:15 pm.† Doddís Hotel was the first meeting place and on June 26, 1939, the first Charter Night was also held at the Doddís Hotel.† The first officers were President Clarence C. Shaffer and Secretary/Treasurer Robert E. Black.† The Board of Directors included Dr. C. W. Frantz, D. L. Miller, Charles B. Humbert, and C. Cronin.† The Charter was presented by Clarence G. Gephart, Governor of District 14B and President Shaffer accepted the Charter for the club.


Within the first year the club grew to 40 members due to the building of the Youghiogheny Reservoir.† The membership remained steady until the completion of the reservoir and the start of World War II at which time it dwindled to 13.† During the war, the Confluence Lions Club gathered five car loads of waste paper and one car load of scrap iron to contribute to the war effort.


Membership remained low until Lion Dr. Edwin M. Price became President in 1953.† For the first time membership increased to 50.† Twenty five years later the membership had reached 63.


In the early years the Confluence Lions Club raised funds by selling soap, light bulbs, candy, and brooms.† They raffled off anything from a $20 radio to a $350 riding rotary mower.† They held donkey baseball games and several talent shows.† In 1959 and subsequent years they started selling chances to win an automobile.† This was the beginning of our annual Raffle Dinner which we still hold today, though we havenít raffled off a car for some time!


Back then, money collected was used for many projects including co-sponsoring a skating pond and play ground with equipment, making substantial contributions toward the High School field house, annually providing Christmas treats to local children, holding an annual Easter Egg hunt, providing glasses to the needy, providing Christmas baskets to the local needy families,† providing benches for the town park and helping fund the local boy scout troopís activities.